How to Shop for Festival Fashion


Festival fashion originally emerged as clothing that we wear at music festivals and concerts, but it can be easily incorporated into our wardrobe for holidays and travelling. Festival fashion is worn by many celebrities and favored for its comfort, style and uniqueness. There are a few statement pieces in Festival Clothing which are an absolute must.

Denim shorts: An absolute must and one of the most sought after pieces of clothing. They are perfect for summertime, for travelling, picnics and others.

The Wellington boots: Also known as rain boots, these boots can often be seen on rainy days. They are comfortable, waterproof and super trendy.

The Play suit: Play suits with tribal prints, animal prints and floral patterns remain a big fashion trend. They are perfect for holiday at the seaside and for travelling too.

Hats and Scarves: Fedoras, big sun hats, as well as bandanas and scarves are great accessories for festivals and concerts. When you feel like your attire is ready, but you are just lacking something to finish the look, put on a hat.

Maxi dresses: Another trend which women all over the world love – the maxi dress is definitely here to stay. Accentuating the woman’s body’s advantages, the maxi dress may be just what you need to feel extra trendy.

The Sun dress: Women’s favourite, the sun dress grabs everyone’s attention. It speaks volumes of its wearer: feminine, fun and trendy.

Gladiator sandals: Despite that their boom was a few years ago, gladiator sandals are still very popular and the perfect shoes for festival fashion. Revealing the feet, yet adding comfort and style, these sandals can’t be beaten by any other.

Festival dressing is no simple art. Here are some ready to go ideas:

A lovely maxi dress, made of a breathable fabric can make any woman look beautiful. Combine with a leather belt is another hit in festival fashion. An unusual cut-out sun dress in a trendy print (paisley patterns) or a festival denim shorts with a leather trim. Another idea is hand mage flower headband instead of hat. Together with vintage denim shorts or skirt and white or printed V-neck top. You’ll look simply adorable!

The most important rule of all is to feel cosy and chic. Don’t forget, the clothes are important for the festival, but the most important thing is your good mood. So, no matter whatever you consider to wear, enjoy the moments with your friends.

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